JSC "Center of Open Systems and High Technologies"


JSC "Center for Open Systems and High Technologies" (COS&HT) was founded in 1994.

Currently , it is a group of companies leading the development of modern solutions in the field of information technology and modern electronics

We have our own specialization at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which provides the necessary rotation of highly qualified personnel.

More than 25 years of experience, a solid portfolio of solutions and a list of successful implementations make the company TSOSIVT one of the leading players in the Russian IT market in the following areas:

COSOC has developed its own situational (operational) center core platform based on open source solutions, included in the Russian software registry https://reestr.digital.gov.ru/reestr/307022/?sphrase_id=1827287

COSOC.AI has developed a set of solutions for neural network analysis of text information

COSOC.VIDEO has developed a unique set of solutions for building video analytics systems for use in the following areas: sports analytics, marketing research, public safety.

COSOC.Pubisher has developed a unique platform for generating reports in PDF format based on XML data.


  1. Technical design of the situation center of  Rosneft Holding
  2. Pilot project and support for the operation of the software and hardware platform   "Safe City of the Novgorod region"
  3. Creation of a system of electronic trusted interaction with contract organizations of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games Organizing Committee
  4. Creation of an information and analytical monitoring system for subordinate organizations of the FASO of Russia
  5. Creation of a subsystem for safety and stability control as part of the Automated System of the Ministry of Transport of Russia
  6. Creation of a management system for operational documentation of aircrafts of Aeroflot Russian Airlines
  7. Creation of the corporate system of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications
  8. Creation of a reporting system for FC "Alemar" client portfolios
  9. Development of AIS MFC in more than 10 regions of the Russian Federation
  10. Creation of a monitoring system for fishing expeditions control for Vals International Holding
  11. Creation of the University management system of the University named after Vitte, Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth, and Tourism , Academies named after Plekhanov


Event-Driven Platform for Machine Vision Component Integration with Operation Center

E. Tsybulko, K. Zhigunov, A. Khelvas, A. Bugaev, T. Afanasenko and S. Gadzhimirzaev,

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Innovative Research in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (IRASET), Mohammedia, Morocco, 2023, pp. 1-6,

doi: 10.1109/IRASET57153.2023.10152991.

The article proposes the architecture for event driven Emergency Operation Center with Machine Vision Component.  Sources of information are analyzed and approaches to machine vision events for tactical situations detection and estimation are discussed. Messages from Machine Vision Components are converted to Common Alerting Protocol and processed by Operation Center environment for tactical situations recognition.

Программная платформа и информационная модель ситуационного центра

Щербаков С.С., Кузнецова А.А., Беспалько А.А., Галицкий А.С., Хельвас А.В.

Труды МФТИ 2018 т.10 №4(40) стр.98-109

В статье рассматриваются стандарты сообщений для передачи информации о чрезвычайных ситуациях и программная платформа для обмена сообщениями между всеми государственными структурами и организациями, связанными с чрезвычайными ситуациями.